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9.5" Epic Black Switchblade Stiletto Automatic Knife


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Product Information

An amazing stiletto knife at an amazing price. The workmanship is first class for the price you pay. This model features black Color on the handle. The knife also has a 440 stainless steel blade and brass bolsters. The action on these knives is quick and for the most part dependable. You just have to push on the silver button on the sides and watch the blade flips open. It also comes with a lock mechanism on the handle. Safety. Specifications: 4.25 inch blade Overall: 9.75 inches

Product Code: gbs013bk

Customer Reviews

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Don't know how anybody can bitch about this knife For 20 bucks it's very well made,Ipaid this much for one in the 70's For people who bitch this was made as a last ditch protection device,you don't cut trees or baton with it. The quality is excellent and a great hide away knife It surprised me I didn't think it would really be that good,ordered another one. For a good example I bought a out the front DA from a company in Mesa AZ cost a hundred plus,found out the knife has a sloppy lock up when extended and the body was made from zinc with a coating on it and now Iwish Ihad spent the money here This is a Great company to deal with .

Paul Reithmayer :: 12 Apr 2017, 23:58

Great knife

I can't believe anyone with a brain would give a negative rating on these excellent knives! I have three (3) of this very model, they are all just superb! I am going to purchase more, to give to special friends as gifts. Their action is fast, and precise. The safety lock in the handle is classic; the revolving front lock release is genius. I love this knife.

Mike Lauerman :: 1 Mar 2017, 17:45

Not very satisfied!

I'm not very satisfied. Shipping was fast. The knife does have a solid/strong release mechanism. It is not a terrible finish. The sharp side of the blade is as dull as the back. The blade doesn't look like it is 440 steel to me. I had high expectations based on the other reviews....makes me wonder if they are legit???

James Palasota :: 24 Feb 2017, 11:45


This is a Outstanding knife and it locks up tight and it is sharp!!! Ready For A Rumble!!!!

Anonymous :: 19 Jan 2017, 21:00

Great Flick Knife - Italian Style

I was surprising pleased when I opened this package. What a really cool, well put together and inexpensive knife. If you aren't sure about collecting stiletto style knives and don't want to spring for the cash on a Big Name import, this is definitely for you! It has a very strong spring and a well balanced blade giving it a swift opening and a great lockup. I have a pretty large collection of Italian Stiletto Switchblades yet I keep checking this little guy out. Each and every time I get impressed all over again.The extra 3/4" makes a difference too as to how this piece lays in my hand. Most of my Stilettos are the classic slim style and anything under 11" is usually awkward to handle for me. This little black beauty seems to just fit like a glove. Grab one or two before they're gone.They make great stocking stuffers. Sweet

Chris Albertelli :: 8 Dec 2016, 18:04

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