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Leverlock Stiletto Marble Maze Automatic Knife


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Providing the perfect synthesis of a stiletto and a lever lock, this uniquely styled awesome Leverlock features excellent workmanship and reliable action. The flat ground stainless blade features a high polish finish, when you press the lever release the action is fast and the lock-up is solid. These knives make beautiful collector pieces and are sure to be a treasured part of any collection. Overall Length: 7.75 Inches Blade Length: 3.25 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel with Silver Finish Handle Length: 4.5 Inches Handle Material: ABS with Marble Finish and Brass Rivets Includes: Free Nylon Case with Belt Loop














Product Code: GBS64

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

the silver star

this one also no issues these particular knives are just coming from the right manufacturer ive had mine for years and again no issues sincerely marc charpentier

marc charpentier :: 5 Mar 2016, 20:42

Very Nice.

This is my second one of these knives. Originally I had the "Old Oak" one. being impressed by that one and having modified it and tested it to near destruction, I decided to get another one so as to keep a new one nice. First, this knife is pretty....... Too pretty. So pretty in fact that I am a bit hesitant to carry it for fear of becoming sensitive and in touch with my feelings. Carrying this knife in my pocket must be the same thrill a woman gets by wearing "Victoria's Secret" underwear. she's so hot and sexy but nobody knows. Her own pretty little secret! I fear for my manhood. But hey, it IS a SWITCHBLADE....... Is that macho enough? Maybe. The pearlex handle scales are solid, saw cut and routed slabs rather than the molded hollow-backed thin plastic shells normally found on cheap knives. Very substantial. The pearl is thick and deep, the plastic being translucent and passing light right through the swirled pearl pigment. It is not a surface finish, you can see right down inside. Bright sunlight sparkling off this knife truly brings a tear to the eye. The edges were cut, and have a nice frosted texture with very fine tool marks, It's nice. Of course I was not satisfied with that and chose to buff those edges. Vigorous buffing with the legs of my blue jeans, followed by buffing with computer paper left a glass like finish just like the tops have. If there was only one flaw it would be this; On the side with the lever, the perlex is routed for the trigger spring. This leaves it 1/4 inch thin. Further, it is drilled for a brass pin. I noticed flexing there right at the pin, surely over time it will crack and that tiny piece will be lost. The fix is easy. I (carefully!) wicked superglue into the crack at the blade end of that scale, thus securing it forever. Be careful to not glue the works, used sparingly and the fix will be invisible and effective The liners and bolsters are stainless and with a slightly brushed finish. They look very nice. The blade is well centered when closed and doesn't brush either side. The blade steel is not good enough for a hard-working knife but for light duty it will get by. I suspect 440-A or maybe even 420 steel. I have been peeling the hell out of potatoes with this though. It is functional. Fit isn't that great. it's not like you can't see the cracks, and the scales are not perfectly flush either. Still it's not so bad that you see it unless you are looking for it. The finish is very nice, mirror polished blade with a visible tempering line along the edge, brushed steel and a glass shine on the handle scales. The action. With lever lock you must press the lever like you mean it or the locking pin drags and slows the deployment. You can't PUNCH the lever, you must PRESS it. Press the lever and This piece fires HARD. It slams to with a little jolt, very satisfying. Pleasing just like bubble pack. A metallic little schllick sound, a tactile jolt as it locks...... Calming like a summer breeze. Lockup on this particular one is VERY SOLID. There is zero blade play and zero lock play. This one DOES have a bit of a hair trigger though. Don't open the lever unless you need the blade. It does take a press, but the press is fairly light. All in all I am very happy with this AGAIN. Buying a second one tells all. This is a great toy, buy one.... Or two.

Harry Mudd :: 12 Dec 2015, 16:40

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