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Leverlock Stiletto Old Oak Automatic Knife


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Product Information

Providing the perfect synthesis of a stiletto and a lever lock, this uniquely styled awesome Leverlock features excellent workmanship and reliable action. The flat ground stainless blade features a high polish finish, when you press the lever release the action is fast and the lock-up is solid. These knives make beautiful collector pieces and are sure to be a treasured part of any collection. Overall Length: 7.75 Inches Blade Length: 3.25 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel with Silver Finish Handle Length: 4.5 Inches Handle Material: Wood and Brass Rivets Includes: Free Nylon Case with Belt Loop














Product Code: GBS63

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

the golden one

like all the other reviews I am very impressed these knives work very well and hold up nice no issues at all keep up the good work direct knife sales sincerely marc charpentier

marc charpentier :: 5 Mar 2016, 20:37

Great value!

I ordered this knife with the intent of testing it's quality before investing in more knives from this seller. I have been pleasantly impressed. First, this is not described as, and is not a Bill Deshivs signature Leverletto. This is a Chinese knock-off of that knife. With that being said, this is a very nice little stiletto, especially for the asking price. Construction is very nice. Fit is pretty sloppy, but the finish is great. The wood is very solid and seems to be a resin impregnated plywood. It is very hard and strong. The wood buffs up nice after being scuffed without any kind of finish or sealer. It simply polishes up like it was micarta. The liner and bolsters are quite solid. They look like brass but that is instead a very thick plating. I know this because I have cut the finger guards off of this one. Thinking it to be solid brass, I cut it with a Dremel tool thereby exposing it to be stainless steel underneath. I don't believe the plating to actually be brass because there is no sign of tarnishing, perhaps beryllium instead. At any rate the color plating is very thick and hard. If you don't use tools on it there will be no issue with normal wear. The blade is just adequate. It takes an edge easily. It gets sharp but not really RAZOR sharp. It dulls pretty quickly. As an everyday work knife you will be honing on it weekly. Now for the main concern..... This knife slams open with a jolt! As with all lever locks you must press the lever like you mean it, the locking pin drags on the blade if you don't. With a proper release, this blade springs to with an audible snap and a pleasing kick or vibration as it locks open. Between me, my kids and the kids in the neighborhood we must have cycled this knife 10,000 times. It's been several months with half a dozen people playing with it and the spring hasn't broken yet. AMAZING! I am getting a bit of play in the blade, both pivot play and lock play. Tightening the brass pivot pin will fix the side to side play. The lock-up is now just a bit loose and I don't think that can be fixed without parts. These kids have put 10 years of service on this knife in several months, it has held up well. Don't think you are getting a custom handmade designer knife for twenty bucks. Don't think you are getting a trusty EDC (every day carry) hard working knife for twenty bucks. DO think that you are getting an above average quality (at least as cheap stilettos go), durable (at least as cheap stilettos go) and fascinating little fidget toy with some measure of practical functionality for twenty bucks. Being unable to wreck this knife short of abusing it, I have bought another one. This is the best review possible, buying again. I have bought the pearl handle one to inspect next. After a bit of playing with it, I will submit an opinion on that one.

Harry :: 25 Nov 2015, 08:38

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