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miniature spy camera spycam203


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Re-introducing an old favorite with a few changes. Measuring about the size of a quarter, concealing this camera is not a problem. The transmitter uses the 2.4 gHz switchable frequency. Digital circuitry ensures no lost video from external wireless devices. Range is a maximum of 300 feet. Capture your moment with colors using one of the latest technology and version available for a miniature camera in the market. What's can listen with the built-in mic.

This product employs a quality USA made CMOS image sensor. Suitable for video conferencing, video phone, video doorbell, video electronic mail, pc multimedia, toys, security monitor, medical instrument, vehicle rear view, etc. The camera can send video and Audio for 8 hours non-stop if powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (Duracell/Energizer). No work duration limited when it is hooked up with a AC-DC adaptor. Installation is simple with an ordinary television. If needed, the video can be recorded in an ordinary VCR without adding any other accessory. The camera can run 24-hours a day without over heating.

-Removable/Adjustable mounting bracket.

-Switchable frequency (4 channels). Can be added to many of the other wireless receivers we sell.

-Runs on 9v battery or the the included AC/DC adaptor.

Product Code: miniature-spy-camera-spycam203

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