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OTF Checker Single Action Angel Blade Automatic Knife

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This knife will blow your mind with the amazing speed and smooth deployment. Push the release and watch the flawless magic unfold before your eyes. The satin stainless steel blade glides out of the top of an aluminum handle with a checker pattern. Deadly and stylish need I say more? The spear point blade has a single edge which is used for piercing and slicing. Just press the release and pull down on the subhilt to reset the blade. The end of the handle features a lanyard hole with nylon cording to tie the blade to your pack or use the steel pocket clip provided for just your convenience. Don’t miss your chance to own one of the coolest knives in town at an affordable price. Specifications: Overall Length: 8.25 Inches Blade Length: 3.5 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel Handle Length: 4.7 5 Inches Handle Material: Aluminum Push Button Release Spear Point Style Blade Single Edged Nylon Lanyard Cord Belt Clip

Product Code: TT7

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