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Red Pearl Black Tactical Automatic Stiletto Knife

$12.50 $7.99

5.0 average, based on 5 reviews

Product Information

This fully automatic stiletto features Red Pearl handle inserts, riveted into the handle with brass rivets. The sharp bayonet blade is made of stainless steel and coated black. The spine is partially tapered near the end for superior piercing ability. It has a safety lock to prevent unintended opening. Overall Length: 8.75 Inches. Blade Length: 3.9 Inches. Blade: Bayonet, Stainless Steel, Black. Handle: 4 Inches,Red Pearl Inserts. Features: Automatic, Safety Lock.

Product Code: pk264rd

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Kinda Cheesy But Works Great

I bought this for 3 reasons. A) Novelty Factor (it's a classic style Switchblade) B) I needed a box cutter for work C)Texas just recently lifted ban on them. It does it's job well. Just be careful to mind what direction the sharp edge is in. Despite the price, it's kinda sharp for the money. Shipping speed was insanely fast as well. Will be buying a name brand one very soon from these guys.

Big John :: 3 Sep 2017, 18:32

A Best Buy

Sure it's not a collector knife and it's cheaply made but what do you expect for 8 bucks. Everything fits as it should, it locks up tight in and out and man does it fire hard. It has a better made safety than most high priced Italians.

Anonymous :: 9 May 2017, 14:36

Great price

for the $8 price, great knife for the beginning collector. I bought one, I'm buying another.

Robert :: 24 Mar 2017, 23:13


Definitely worth my 8 bucks. I opens with a nice snapping sound. A fun little bargain knife I am glad I bought.

Robert Butler :: 16 Mar 2017, 21:00

Love it

8bucks?? Come on you can afford it-it`s a novelty knife you play with it-the fast action is as good as any Italian knife-I liked the purple one so much I got this one too.

Ron Thompson :: 9 Mar 2017, 16:29

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