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twin kukri machete knives set 210789

$26.99 $19.99

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Product Information

twin kukri knife set with belt sheath 440 stainless steel blades wooden handle 17 inches overall length

Product Code: 210789

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

House of Flying Daggers Knives

Going to use them to make a set of the knives from the movie " House of Flying Daggers " if they turn out OK I will buy more.

H :: 22 Oct 2017, 18:14

House of Flying Daggers

This is as close as I can find to the 5 knives in the movie " House of Flying daggers " ! i can modify the two knives as I am a Craftsman and work in many mediums such as wood, steel, plastic, cloth, leather and more ! I will order more if they are suitable to be made into the same shape and look as the movie knives. i love a challenge. This is one. I will make a suitable Leather Sheath for them too ! No one sells the knives like in the movie ! Cult of Athena showed the knives but never sold them ! I will attempt to make my own !

H :: 22 Oct 2017, 18:13

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